This mini project is used to learn Test Driven Development.

Of course, in your career, you have implemented more complicated stuff than a simple coffe machine that takes orders. But to make this mini project more interesting here are simple rules you must follow:

  1. All production code is written to make a failing test pass
  2. Do the simplest thing that could work for the current iteration


In this Coffe Machine Project, your task is to implement the logic (starting from a simple class) that translates orders from customers of the coffee machine to the drink maker. Your code will use the drink maker protocol to send commands to the drink maker.

Important !

You do not have to implement the coffee machine customer interface. For instance, your code could consume a simple POJO that would represent an order from a customer.

You do not have to implement the drink maker. It is only a imaginery engine that will receive messages according to the protocol. Your job is to build those messages.


This project starts simple and will grow in added features through the iterations.

Ready ?


Are you ready? So start the first iteration. Your product owner is waiting for you!