First iteration - Making drinks

In this iteration, your task is to implement the logic (starting from a simple class) that translates orders from customers of the coffee machine to the drink maker. Your code will use the drink maker protocol (see below) to send commands to the drink maker.

The coffee machine can serves 3 type of drinks: tea, coffee, chocolate.

Use cases

Your product owner has delivered the stories and here they are:

Drink maker protocol

The drink maker receives string commands from your code to make the drinks. It can also deliver info messages to the customer if ordered so. The instructions it receives follow this format:

"T:1:0" (Drink maker makes 1 tea with 1 sugar and a stick)
"H::" (Drink maker makes 1 chocolate with no sugar - 
				and therefore no stick)
"C:2:0" (Drink maker makes 1 coffee with 2 sugars and a stick)
"M:message-content" (Drink maker forwards any message received
				onto the coffee machine interface 
				for the customer to see)

Implementation details

You can represent the incoming order of the customer as you wish. For instance, it could be a simple POJO that contains the order details, or a simple String, try to think of the simplest thing that do the job. Complex matters will arrive soon enough, trust us.