Website bootstrap style generator for your Jaxrs annotated REST API

This project is maintained by simcap


Install Ruby 1.9.x and the Ruby package manager rubygems


$ gem install jaxrsdoc


Checkout the help

$ jaxrsdoc -h

Generate documentation

For a maven project

$ jaxrsdoc -m /Users/me/myprojects/mypetproject

For a maven project with specific resource naming

$ jaxrsdoc -m -p "*ResourceEntity.java" /Users/me/myprojects/mypetproject

For a maven project overriding the parsed maven project's name

$ jaxrsdoc -m -a MyArtifactName /Users/me/myprojects/mypetproject

For a non maven project specifying the name and version of the project

$ jaxrsdoc -a MyProjectName -r 1.2.0 /Users/me/myprojects/mypetproject